Mahoney & The Moment to play Blissfields 2016..

Wellies at the ready, here are our latest Summer dates:

Green Days at Bedford Park Festival, London, UK  12th June 2016 5pm

Blissfields Festival, Hampshire, UK  1st/2nd July 2016 TBA

Chalk Farm Folk, London, UK  19th July 2016 TBA

Chalk Farm Folk London, UK 18th August, 2016 TBA

Mahoney & The Moment at Green Days, Bedford Park Festival 2015

Summer Lovin’ 2015 – New Album News, Festivals & Travels Abroad

The last few months have been so busy for us that we haven’t even had the time to document our news. We would therefore be remiss not to jam pack this post with all the highlights of May and June. So here goes..first (and most importantly) we are officially knee deep in album number 3. After 2 extremely productive days in Soup Studio recording the majority of the tracks live with drums, the record is really starting to take shape and we couldn’t be prouder of the progress. With the help of the quality team that is Sam Beer and Simon Trought, we are all engines go for the finishing touches. Providing everything stays on track, this little puppy will be ready for a release party in early Autumn. If you think that sounds too far away, we promise that you will not have to wait long for snippets of what’s to come. We will be letting out snack #1 in no time.

Emily Recording at Soup Steve Recording at Soup Ashley Hallinan Recording with Mahoney & The Moment at Soup

After getting the record rolling, we took our album filled heads abroad for a gig in New York and varied experiences in Boston and Jamaica. We chose to host our duo event back at the birthplace of the band, The Sidewalk Cafe on Ave A. With the support of some great friends and faces we haven’t seen for too long, we got the opportunity to experiment with stripped back versions of several of the new songs before dutifully closing the place down for the night. Along with a handful of other old school New York venues, Sidewalk is still run by the “free entry/ kindly tip the band” recipe that has inspired our Chalk Farm Folk nights back home. Hopefully some day more London venues will catch on to the benefits of this concept to make us one of many free entry quality nights out there rather than one of the solid few.

Mahoney & The Moment NYC 2015 Gig posterMahoney & The Moment at The Sidewalk Cafe 2015
Apart from our own gig, New York was as usual, one great big ball of music. We scored 2 full days at the Governor’s Ball, a visit to our favourite Jazz n’ Blues dive, and an inspiring (if-possibly-ill-advised-very-late-eve-before-our-gig) night out to see friend of the band, Beans on Toast at Grand Victory in Brooklyn.

Beans on Toast at Grand Victory, BrooklynJay and Emily at Midway Bar, Brooklyn

We managed to catch a lively 2 sets by JT Bowen (Lead singer of Clarence Clemons’ band, The Red Bank Rockers) at Arthur’s Tavern. This little West Village staple, snuggled in right next to Marie’s Crisis off the West 4th/ Christopher St junction, has been around since the 1930s and it is one of those city secrets you want all of your friends to know about. With a nightly line up that is consistenly filled with some of the most talented Jazz and Blues players in the tri-state area, it is always free entry and as far as we’re concerned, always the ideal pit stop at the end of the night.Arthur's Tavern

Governor's Ball

This was our first experience at the Governor’s Ball which takes over Randall’s Island for a weekend each Summer.  After a swift walk through Harlem and passage over the RFK bridge we were surrounded by overpriced booze stands, thousands of pot-smoking teenagers and endless sunshine. Though the sets were staggered, the 4 stages unavoidably competed with eachother at times with the wind carrying amplified sounds back and forth over the tiny strip of land. We managed to squeeze in decent sets from War on Drugs, Sharon Von Etten, Connor Oberst, Ryan Adams (arguably the best set we’ve ever seen him play), Black Keys, Noel Gallagher, and Bjork while wiping the oil from our chins from possibly the most overrated sandwich ever.  Sorry Ramen Burger – we do get it. You are two things that are individually delicious but combined (despite extra points for creativity) totally unremarkable. Proof that waiting 45 minutes in line will not always amount to a worthy pay-off.

Governor's Ball Governor's BallRamen BurgerRyan Adams at Gov Ball

Sun fried, we returned back to the UK, barely kicking our jetlag in time for an outdoor set at Green Days on Sunday, 14th June. This was our 2nd appearance at the crafts, ales, and music end of Bedford Park Festival in Chiswick. This year we managed to bring the full band along for what clearly turned out (from the pictures below) to be a rousing stomper for the toddler set. We even signed an album for a 4 year old so it’s safe to say our fan base is broadening at a clip.

Mahoney & The Moment at Green Days, Bedford Park Festival 2015 Mahoney & The Moment at Green Days, Bedford Park Festival 2015 Mahoney & The Moment at Green Days, Bedford Park Festival 2015

Finally, we’ve had the good vibes of returning to Chalk Farm Folk with one just now past and another just around the corner. In June we were joined by CFF newcomers Running The Colour and Hannah Rose Platt with the treat of double acapella sets by the velvety-vocaled Canaries. We will be returning in a few short weeks with a fresh line up for 23rd July. The full bill, poster, and event page will be available in a couple of days.

Canaries CFF 25.06.15

So there you have it…a taste of what we’ve been able to muster in the last 8 weeks. We’re ready now to put every free second into the production of the new album and we will do our best to keep the updates a bit more regular as we go. Stay tuned for August gigs and sneak peaks of the freshly cut material – we think we may just have a hit on our hands.

With much love, Mahoney & The Moment. x

Green Days Festival 2015 Confirmed!

Bedford Logo

We are thrilled to be asked back to Green Days this year as part of Bedford Park Summer Festival. There are so few festivals to be found right in London and this is surely a little gem in the rough! Last year we fled back from Somerset after an ambitious weekend of 4 gigs in just 2 days. Bedford was our final pit stop on the tour and while on the car ride there we thought we might just not have been up to it, we arrived to a warm, sunny day with bright blue skies and cheerful crowds. The crew were  relaxed and super sweet and let us have a slight recoup period (Pimms and Hot Sausage Butties) before taking the stage.  It was the perfect finish to a hectic weekend.

Last year we closed the festival as a duo and we will be taking the same slot this year but instead we will be playing full band. Join us on Sunday, 14th June in Chiswick at 5pm for the show. The festival takes place on Acton Green directly across from Turnham Green Tube station and you will find the bandstand right around the middle of the park.  With today being the warmest day of 2015 so far, you can almost feel the rays of a June sun off in the distance….almost...Good times. Beer-Tent-001S1372796593 DSC00791N1367992823 DSC04490-webN1372924984 Sommerset Bed FestSomerset Steve