Live Interview on Croydon Radio this Evening! 8pm

Many Thanks to Ramblin’ Steve from What’s Cookin’, the terrific audience at the ex serviceman’s club in Leytonstone, and Silvia De for the performance pic below.  Some killer records were spun in between sets, we met some deeply talented fellow musicians, and the drinks are cheap mamma (!).  Seriously, It’s a truly special atmosphere created at that venue and we definitely look forward to joining the line up again.


Tonight we will be heading South East for an interview at Croydon Radio with Jason Ross’ ‘Bound in Music’ on air at 8pm.  The station has been cool enough to play our songs for the last 2 weeks and we’re thrilled to get the chance to have a studio session to round out a very busy few weeks.  The hour show will be available as a podcast by tomorrow morning so anyone out of the London area can still get a listen in.

 We don’t get down that way too often so the only shame tonight will be that we don’t have enough time to get dinner at Brixton Market on the way- ugh


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