After The Gold Rush…

Backstage at Before The Goldrush, 11th April 2014 BTGR II 008 BTGR Performance Pic

In their own words, Friday night may have been Before the Gold Rush‘s best night ever! Such a massive turn out there were many people sadly turned away at the door (really sorry about that guys)…

It also may have been the friendliest bill we’ve ever joined, seriously, everybody was so nice. Hats off to Slow Wolf on their album release and also to The Dog Roses and Tarq Bowen who both put on a stomping show.  Many Thanks to Anna Orhanen for the lovely HD action shot above (and to Henrik Ekeus for the backstage shots too:)).  We’re looking forward to live footage and more snaps to follow thanks to Nina and Steve, Before the Gold Rush’s hard working co-captains.

We’ll be returning to The Fiddler’s Elbow once again on 9th May in support of Red Soul Brigade‘s Friday Night residency. It’s gonna be funky.

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