Another swinging ‘Chalk Farm Folk’. Tuesdays have never looked so good.

With March and April booking up fast this thing has now got a life all it’s own. The 2nd CFF was a beauty and we got snap-happy enough to document the good vibes.  Our band was so very thrilled to have the massively talented Barbara Bartz join us with her fiddle for the night making dreams come true (for at least 40 minutes :)).

We’re getting so professional…a merch table:


Sam set the mood…Image


Bara Bara also run an unplugged night in tooting and we’d like to give it a shout out.  If you’re ever down in Tooting on Saturday night and looking for a jam, their night is aptly called ‘Tooting Folk’ and you can check it out here:

Dan and the gang rocked so hard there were excited French passersby who flooded in to catch the end of their set. Image

Jay and Steve discussing business deals. Image

A hearty thanks to our sound man Laine Blues, a musician in his own right. Didn’t get to discuss Kelly’s Roast Beef but I’m fairly certain he said he lived in Revere for a while.  What a small world it is.

Image Naturally the only downside of being the one taking the photos is there’s rarely ones taken when you’re playing.  Thanks to Charlie Bateson for giving us this abstract still of our set up.  Sadly, while we did have the foresight to film the set, the audio sounds like something fed through a vocoder inside a blender.

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